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About Me

This is the freelancing brand of Martin Rheaume. While using my nonprofit's acronym as representation I hope to develop the online presence of businesses, both big and small in hopes of widening their customer base while serving them with ease using an online platform. Whether you're looking for a low-cost solution for your business, or a functionality rich dynamic solution to get your business well-represented on the web, you found the right place if you want your ideals & expectations of a practical solution to be met, while trying our best at keeping the cost as rational as we can.

I started with web development in my pre-teens when I was coding websites with mentors from around the world helping me via MSN and community forums while bulding some of our own frequently. Thus giving me a slight understanding of SQL but mostly just HTML. Which is a pretty fundamental piece of the web, giving me an advantage to have been toying around with these languages at 12 years old. But to be making websites with strictly HTML, is definetely not the ideal toolkit. Though I would just "perfect" my website idea and move on to the next using free offshore webhosting found via search engine and free '' domains, which are now discontinued. That being around 2008-2009. A well enjoyed past time not being resparked until 2017, when a prof who was a published author was talking about hiring web developers on occassion. Which when considering the fact I was only at Cambrian College to find what industry I would be able to find a career. It came to be pretty incredible to have my childhood passion resparked at such a crucial time in my life. Which then sent me to Fanshawe in order to be a fully equipped & knowledgeable Web Developer. Being a 2018-2020 Graduate of the Internet Applications & Web Development Program at Fanshawe College in London. While deciding to make my own name for myself by creating my Nonprofit intially, then realizing the opportunity of extending that to freelancing. To have worked with 2 Southwestern Ontario Businesses and set them up on the web before my graduation while always allowing bussiness owners who are nieve when it comes to the Internet to ask me questions about their solutions to strengthen my proffessionalism with clients as well as help out.